Long Term Goals/Bucket List

I say I want to be better, but what does better mean? When will I be done? Well the truth is that I will never be done getting better, my path will be constantly changing as I continue to refine and redefine my goals. But the first step to success is to set goal and I have my long term financial goals listed here followed by my bucket list.

Become financially independent - My exact financial aspirations are not defined, but I know that I do not like working 40+ hours a week in a cubicle farm with only 2 weeks of vacation every year. I really have nothing to complain about with my job, its a great job with great benefits, but what I don't like is the lack time for myself. With that in mind, the only way I can get myself out of that situation is to become financially independent. Financial independence will take time and a lot of hard work and dedication to build up the necessary invests.

Work only part time - As I mentioned above, I do not have a problem with where I work or what I do, but what I really want is more time. So I think a part time job would be perfect for my needs. The problem of course would be finding an appropriately engaging job that pays well enough for me to still thrive financially (in concert with my independent financial income).

Own rental property - I have always loved houses and real estate, and I would love to be able to own and rent properties. Of course being a landlord and finding good investment deals is not easy and is made even harder in the Seattle area where housing is at a premium. Median home prices in Seattle are $452,600, by comparison: nationally the median new home price is $269,800, and in the city of Denver the median home price is $276,600. [https://www.census.gov/construction/nrs/pdf/uspricemon.pdf, zillow.com]

Bucket List

The following is a list of events, accomplishments, and adventures that I would like to achieve be if kick the bucket. I will certainly be adding to these as I come up with new adventures.

Climb Mt. Rainier - Growing up in the shadow of this slumbering volcano, climbing its peak has been a long time goal of mine. I have always been a big fan of hiking but I have never done a whole lot of mountaineering so it will be a challenging and gratifying goal.

Complete the Seattle to Portland bike race - I am also a big fan of cycling, namely as a free form of transportation that also happens to be good for you. But I am not a hardcore cyclist; I don't have a fancy bike or even ride on a regular basis. The Seattle to Portland (STP) is a 1 or 2 day bike ride down the 200+ miles from Seattle to Portland, as the name suggests. It a very popular race and I think it would be a good goal for me.

Complete a triathlon - I have never done a triathlon before so my interest here is simply me wanting to try something new.

Go skydiving

Learn a new language - I don't know which language, perhaps multiple, or maybe I'll learn some basics of a language before traveling to a new country.

Attend an NBA Finals Game - I am a huge NBA fan (without a team) so one day I would like to watch the NBA's two best team square off. Obviously a NBA Finals Game 7 would be ideal.

Sit Court-side for an NBA Game - This is certainly something that is outside of my normal price range but that would be why it is on my bucket list.

Always Be Learning
Classes to take/skills to learn:
Solid mechanics
Aeronautical engineering - aerodynamics, structures, aircraft design, etc.
Web design

Travel somewhere new every year - I have a whole list of new countries and places I would like to visit. I only get 2 weeks of vacation a year but I would like to try to use both weeks at one time on some new adventure each year. I want to travel just about everywhere but some of my top destinations/adventures:
Austraila Fiji Galapagos Islands Maldives Puerto Rico African Safari
Costa Rica Chile Swim w/sharks Bali New Zealand Great Pyramids
Germany Iceland Scandanavia Ireland Scottland Venice gonala
Egypt Greece Swim w/ dolphins Istanbul Moscow Machu Pichu
Italy Argentina Munich Oktoberfest

Visit all 50 states - I have been to probably 90% the are several states I know I am missing and some I am unsure of whether or not I drove through.

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