Saturday, February 7, 2015

January Goals Update

Happy Saturday everyone! This is the last of my three monthly update posts where I will be discussing my progress on my goals for 2015.

Expense rate under 45% of my net income.  F-
My first month started out as a real dud in the expense department, my expenses were actually higher than my income for January. This was due to purchasing plane tickets to New Zealand, and I am so excited about the trip so I don’t even care about the bad start right now.

Establish an emergency fund and automatically deposit some money into it each month. C
No progress in this department yet, if I want to open a Money Market account, as I was planning to do, I need at least $10k to open that account with my bank so I am still trying to decide how much cash to save up for this goal.

Invest $2,500 per month. A+
I invested over $4000 this month so it’s a great start to the year.
Open a Loyal3 account and start a small amount of automatic investing. C
No progress here yet, but I could flip the switch any time.

Pay for my vacations with overtime.
I put in 15 hours of overtime in January and if I can keep that rate up I will be right on track.

Establish one new source of income. C
No update on this front yet.


Complete the Tough Mudder.
I am already signed up for this one, so it will be happening.

Workout my legs 2x per week.
My basketball schedule has eased up a bit so I should be able to work this in, but for January I worked out only 6 times instead of the requisite 8.

Complete a sprint triathlon. C
No progress on this front yet, plenty of time to plan this one.

Run at a faster Pace: complete a 15K in 1 hour and 24 minutes (9 minute/mile). D
No progress here either.

Reduce my percentage of body fat to 12%. D
I am actually not sure what my current percentage is but I don’t think it is good. 

Track my calorie intake every day and review weekly. A
100% success so far.


Read 6 Books from my Reading List. C
No progress yet.

Take an online class. D
Nothing here either.

Average one blog post per week. A
4 posts in January so right on track!

Travel somewhere new. B
Well we purchased the tickets to New Zealand and we are VERY excited.

Try meditation. C
I need to figure out a game plan for accomplishing this goal.

Try out one new hobby. C
Step 1: figure out what I would be interesting in trying, currently I have no ideas…

Date night with my girlfriend at least once per month. A
We made use of a Groupon for a new Italian restaurant and frozen yogurt afterwards.

Well I have real mix of progress on my goals, some good, some bad.There are also a lot of goals that I have not started yet, which is not a bad thing, these are yearly goals and and we are only one month in.


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